Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity — by giving a million young mavericks the opportunity to live off their dream and provide billions of ace aviators the platform to share their wealth of experience to inspire us to reach the sky.

Message From the Desk of Managing Trustee

Let me welcome you to our Fold! As we welcome you, the future aviators of the world, I would like to stress on our mission statement of grooming young minds and hearts as the pillar of advancement of a nation and hope of the future.

Our institution was formed by a team of highly trained & determined individuals with the aim to promote passion & attitude for flying in order to achieve and fulfill the mission statement that we believe in.

As an established and highly esteemed institution, we maintain an utmost academic standard, incorporated with the conduct of discipline, thereby achieving remarkable and excellent career in aviation. The institution endeavors to comfort the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become truly successful Aviator.In whatever career a student may choose to take, hard work and discipline are the sure roads towards success. And as your educational institution, we will support students in achieving those golden ambitions and also ensure that their every minute spent in the institute is meaningful and fruitful as well.
Students, you are about to cross a bridge in your life & become an proffessional Aviator. It is in your hands to make sure that bridge leads you towards success. The hard work of today is the triumph of the future. The time and effort you spend today are the deciding factors of your later years. As the Managing Trustee of this institution, I anticipate the full participation and cooperation of the students and parents to make it possible for us to transform those dreams to reality. And if there is any assistance that you might need, may it be personal or professional, I shall always be willing to hear from you. I wish you all the best!

Sincerely yours,
Neeru Chauhan
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Pilot Training Centre is a subsidiary of ‘Pilot Welfare Charitable Trust’ (PWC) which is created by the professional ninjas and pioneers of the aviation world and dedicated to the education and training in the aviation industry. Our training organization, ‘Pilot Training Centre’, is a self sustaining profitable training Institute. Our exclusive learning centre and the office of ‘Pilot Training Centre’, is based at New Delhi (India). We provide various learning and skill enhancement services with in-house preparatory or through our selected channel-partners who are established around the globe.
We are specialized in aviation as a career consultants and provide outstanding training for pilots. We have conducted countless trainings for our trainees who are now part of the various prestigious airlines.
At our learning center based in ‘New Delhi’ we are equipped with advanced class rooms with e-learning and examinations. where we conduct Ground Classes for CPL, ATPL, Airlines Entrance Preparations, Type Rating Programs, Commercial Pilot Training Programs, CASS, CCT, Pilot Aptitude, Psychometry, Mock Interviews, Radio Telephony Workshops with headsets and in-house installed Airbus A-320; Fixed Base Simulator for Airlines Sim-Check preparations. All of these vast services are provided at a single vantage point by well experienced resources at 1/2th of the commercial market price and by having no commission involved.
Our organization is powered by self-driven resources and by creating the network of people with-in the industry who see their own growth by connecting, by guiding and getting guided within this loop of knowledge. The consultancy and counselling part is always welcomed at our Delhi based learning center.
+91-9555 277 787
+91-9555 277 787