Type Rating Program

A type rating certification is one of the most important credentials a pilot should acquire if they want a career as an airline pilot. A type rating is necessary certification for flying a commercial jet. Having a type rating provides a pilot the necessary competencies to operate an aircraft & provide the pilot with a comprehensive knowledge of the systems and skills required on a specific kind of jet aircraft.
In the world of commercial aviation, the Airbus-(A320) and Boeing-(B737, B777 & B787) are the most frequently used aircraft. However, the choice of aircraft for the type rating course is totally an individual’s preference.
At Pilot Welfare Trust, we offer Type Rating Course on B737, B787, B777 & A320 in association with HATS ( Hellinic Air Training Services) Greece, having its ground classes centre at Istanbul and Simulator Session Centre at Athens, Greece, Except for B787 the ground classes in Athens, Greece and Simulator sessions in Eithad, Abu-Dhabi.

Ground Classes
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