CASS Training

CASS is general assessment of candidate's personality. In this stage candidates have to go through series of tests.It can consists of psycho-motor capability test , tests involving basic flying skills , test based on the pilot abilities to do multi tasking and process information in a stressful environment.
It is one of the most popular pilot selection system and introduced in India by Indigo Airlines. To assess the pilots with different experience levels, CASS has various difficulty levels but basics remain the same.

Cass Training
Aptitude Test

Pilot Aptitude Test Preparation

SKY TEST is a computerised pilot aptitude test that serves to assess pilot candidates for a multitude of roles in the commercial aviation like COMPASS & CCT. COMPASS/CCT is a highly popular method of assessment of both ab-initio and experienced pilot candidates. It is required by many airlines to undergo COMPASS/CCT test in order to secure a position of pilot with that airline. We have a preparation module and its set-up for COMPASS/CCT at "Pilot Training Center,India" for those students/trainee-pilots, who wants to practice COMPASS/CCT in order to enhance their skills before they undergo for Airline Aptitude/Psychometric Assessment.

  • Roles of COMPASS/CCT test
  • Coordination & Control (Hand-to-Eye Coordination)
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics)

Comprehansive Compass Test

Compass Test consists of a set of psycho-motor and psycho-technical tests in the fields of computerized pilot tests, verbal reasoning, mathematics and physics. They are compliant with the standards used by all major airlines during pre-hiring screening and give you a perfect idea on what to expect when applying for a job in aviation.Normally , CCT is first stage of screening.

Compass Test
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